Hello ! With the arriving of spring we have chosen cellar, which continues to delight us with quality wine. We welcome you, on 29.03.2018 (Thursday) to enjoy the wines of Manastira winery, combined with Chef Iliev's dishes.

1.Riverside Muscat Ottonel 2017
-.Salad with spinach, roasted ground apple, roasted carrots, marinated baby octopus, nuts and citrus dressing with honey and saffron


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Да откриеш вкусно и добре приготвено заешко месо е трудна задача. То има специфичен вкус и често хората не го харесват защото е сухо, жилаво и трудно се дъвче. Bistro.bg обаче откри място в София, в което заешкото е сочно, не е приготвено на манджа със сос и... се предлагат още много вкусни ястия, както и качествени вина.

Vino&Tapas е малък, семеен вино бар с гурме кухня на бул. „Дондуков” 38. Вн...

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Hello friends,
The time has come for our next Wine Evening
This time we have chosen to combine wines from two sunny countries - Chile and Argentina.
Get up on 27.04.2017 (Thursday) and enjoy our combination.


1. Sauvignon Blanc, Dona Paula, Argentina (11% Al.) 2016
- Fresh salads, 'Campari' tomatoes, avocado, dressing with lime and roasted pumpkin seeds.

2. Chardonnay Reserve, Santa Rita, ...

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English version:

Hello Friends,
recently we were seized in nostalgia for our wine dinners ... So we decided to recall.:)
With great pleasure we present to you the new vintages of our friends from Manastira Winery.

1.RIVERSIDE Muscat Ottonel/2014
-Spinach salad with amaranth, two types of quinoa,fillets of orange, citrus dressing and baked goat cheese

2.Rose Middle Forest 2014
- Tiger prawns w...

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English version:

Hello Friends !
Welcome to our Wine evening
to try some of the wines from
Villa Melnik combined with
Autumn offers from Chef Vencislav Iliev.

On 11.10.13/friday / 19:30 h
Vino & Tapas and Villa Melnik will present:

1.Bergul? - Viognier 2012
-Fragrant creamy pumpkin soup with chicken Estragon

2.Bergul? - Melnik- 55 2011
- Stuffed eggplant with beef and vegetables


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Hello Friends and wine lovers!
Welcome to Wine evening
and we'll try a new series of Le Photographe
Minkov Brothers Winery,
combined with summer offers from Chef Vencislav Iliev.

On 11.07.13/chetvartak / 19:30 h
Vino & Tapas and Minkov Brothers Winery will present:

1.Le Photographe Sauvignon Blanc 2012
-Salad of watermelon, peaches and basil with buffalo cheese

2.Le Photographe Reynski...

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Hello Friends and lovers of quality wine and food.
To your attention
Sunny Italy !

On 04.04.2013 (thursday) at 19:30
Vino&Tapas and Kaloyan Kavrakov
will present:

The Wines
1.White wine Soave "Retro" 2011
2.Rose L' Infinito Bardolino Chiaretto 2012
3.Red wine Aglianico Terre D. svevi 2010
4.Desert wine Muscat Grekale, Sicilia

1.Leaf salad with mussels and shrimp sauce

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Здравейте Приятели !
Каним Ви на вино вечер
с предложения от Винарска изба Вила Винифера.

На 14.03.13 (четвъртък) от 19:30ч
Vino & Tapas и Вила Винифера ще представят:

1.Гроздова ракия Роял 5г.
-Свежа салата с ананас, круши, ябълки, кедрови ядки и медено-цитросов дресинг

2.Розе от мавруд 2011
3.Мерло Кинг'с Уайн 2012
-Патешко пате с порто

4.Мавруд Кинг'с Уайн 2011
-Телешко печено с ...

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Уважаеми Приятели ,
На 21.02./четвъртък/ от 19.30ч
Вино & Тапас и Шато Бургозоне Ви канят,
да се насладите на една чудесна комбинация
от вина и ястия
Заповядайте на вино вечеря
и заедно ще опитаме:

1.Совиньон блан Шато Бургозоне 2011
-Козе сирене с билки върху канапе от салати и пресни гъби

2.Розе Рондо 2011
-Пълнен калмар със сирена

3.Каберне Фран Шато Бургозоне 2011
-Чили кон ка...

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Dear Friends,
On 24.01./Thursday / from 19.30
Wine Cellar Edoardo Miroglio and Vino & Tapas invite You to
enjoy a great combination of wine and food.
You are welcome to try the tasting menu
of Chef Ventsislav Iliev, accompanied by selected wines!

Welcome drink
1.Soli Brut 2011

2.EM Brut Zero 2009
Mousse, arugula with apples, pomegranate sauce and lime

3.Bouquet 'Iztoria bez kray' 2011...

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