Wine and dinner

Hello Friends and lovers of quality wine and food.
To your attention
Sunny Italy !

On 04.04.2013 (thursday) at 19:30
Vino&Tapas and Kaloyan Kavrakov
will present:

The Wines
1.White wine Soave "Retro" 2011
2.Rose L' Infinito Bardolino Chiaretto 2012
3.Red wine Aglianico Terre D. svevi 2010
4.Desert wine Muscat Grekale, Sicilia

1.Leaf salad with mussels and shrimp sauce
2.Antipasti with mozzarella and chips proshtuto
3.Spicy lamb served with stuffed tomato
4.Variations of panakota and mascarpone

The price for dinner is 45 lev.
Reservations: 0878 410 930